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January 30 – March 20, Runtime: Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a young child. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music. Rian’s performance is poor, but her manager quickly takes her to her next appointment.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! You were living with your best friend, Hyori, until you could find your feet and get your own place, but she was way too worried about you to let it happen. You just needed to talk to him, to sort things out, he was your whole life in one, no one could ever compare to him and that killed you the most. You panicked at the flashback of being held against your will, paid and walked home as quick as possible.

Tears filled your eyes as you slid it over your head, it still had his scent, but for some weird reason, it was comforting.

GOT7 Reaction: They meeting your family JB: He would smile through the whole dinner and answer every question your parents may ask him honestly. Your parents would adore him.

Archive About Blog Hello? Have you ever wondered what you would ask your favorite idols if you met them in real life? Are you an international fan and you feel like you won’t get the chance to meet them, and are itching to wonder how they’d feel about a certain question? Or maybe you’re wondering about what member would start crushing on you? Well, this is what our blog is for.

We use our collected perception of the idols we all know and love and we put them into these reactions. You can ask us about anything, the hard subjects or the more smutty, and we’ll be glad to answer all of your curiosities for you. True, it’s not the actual idols, but it is sure to be a load of fun! If you put more we will pick only two. I’m your Admin M3. I am 23 and a Pastry Chef by day and a Stage Manager by night.

Danish Gay (Jett Black – JB) Gays 13

Originally posted by jinyoungot7 Mark Mark is a pretty chill guy who has few hobbies- eating, sleeping, gaming. His ideal would like to do those things with him. He wants someone who may not be just like him personality wise, but complements him well. He wants someone interesting who makes him want to stay with them. In regards to appearance, he prefers traditionally attractive partners with pale skin.

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Got7 sama Twice sendiri sebenarnya banyak banget yg ngeshiperin mereka. Nayeon pernah jadi cameo di Dream Hight 2 bareng Junior, itu loh Nayeon cewek yg jadi couple Jr pas dance trouble maker. Kalo gue liat-liat di setiap interaksi mereka di setiap acara yg mereka datengin, kayaknya Cuma Nayeeon Jungyeon Jihyoo sama Dahyun doang yg keliatan akrab banget sama member GOT7, member Twice yg lain interaksinya kaya masih canggung sama member got7 dan malah mereka lebih akrab sama member Day6 dari apa yg gue liat di Vapp JYPnation.

Mungkin karna mereka sering ketemu pas mau latihan, sedangkan GOT7 kan udah debut jadi mereka jarang ketemu pastinya. Itu juga udah ngebuktiin kalo mereka emang saling mendukung Hidup JYPnation!!!! Mereka juga punya skill dance yg sama, apa ya istilah dance nya gue gk tau soalnya bukan anak dancer gue. Intinya mereka ngedance nya teratur sesuai sama ketukan musik tapi enak di liat dan gk boring. Cuma bedanya kao Nayeon itu versi dance cewek kalo Junior dance cowok. Kalo gk percaya coba liat youtube banya video mereka dance banyak.

Cuma kayaknya si Maknae Dongwoon belum terlalu akrab sama member GOT7, soalnya dia kan baru di Trainee 3 bulan kalo gk salah dan langsung dipilih masuk ke DAY6 buat debut, jadi dongwoon sama member GOT7 juga baru saling kenal.

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Prompt list can be found here! Fluff with self created Jackson angst if that counts None of us were surprised when it happened. A few days after the members of Got7 had cornered Jackson and I into an intervention-style setting to force us to confess our feelings toward each other, Jinyoung gathered the group again, sans Jackson. During the same grand meeting of feelings in which Jackson and I were forced to confess, we had all agreed it would be best if we kept the relationship a secret.

It happened on a Friday. It was a live special; the anniversary of the show with many special guests.


In the entertainment industry, nobody is safe from their private lives—especially their love lives. What have netizens and the media been saying about the members of Got7? What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding its members have been floating around? He also explained that the reason for the breakup was because he felt that he was not successful enough yet to support her. Jackson appears to be very concerned about the financial implications when he gets a girlfriend!

When asked about previous relationships on a different show, he replied that his last relationship happened before he signed the contract. Mark There were no rumors of Mark having gone out with anyone except that he used to go out with someone when he was still living in the US. Of course, not much is known about his private life back then which leaves the fans free to speculate.

He is also busy with his idol-duties to get a girlfriend, but perhaps there might be some rumors that could surface in the future? He might not have the time either, as he is the leader of the group and they are still working on their image to launch them into fame. Junior Junior has no girlfriend and had no rumors about him having a girlfriend. This is again, like most of the members of the group, probably him being busy with his work as an idol.

It would be a difficult time to get into a dating scandal. Youngjae Youngjae has not been rumored to have a girlfriend as he is also busy with his work as an idol.

2018 FIFA World Cup

It is that group that Kim Yugyeom is a part of. He is a singer and a dancer who has risen to fame as an idol and a part of his band. Here is all that you may want to know about him: At the time, both his parents lived in Saudi Arabia as a result of the fact that it was there that his father was working. Therefore after his birth, his mother moved back to the Saudi Kingdom where the family lived for a little while before finally moving back home.

He got his high school education from the Hamlim Arts High School.

Dating a korean american – Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Soompi is part of the Rakuten Viki family. Please credit Department of Defense and photographer (see attached captions.

When he asked who it was, he was a little surprised by the fact that it was Jr. Hearing that it was Youngjae from GOT7 to date his sister would not really change that much, even if he would make sure to speak some words with the guy. It was not his problem. The only thing he was really worrying about was the media and their reaction. A lot of idols hide their relationship from the public and he fear that his little sister could get hurt by the thing JB had to say on camera about his relationship status.

The fact that it was Jackson got himself to calm a bit down. After all he knew Jackson and was really good friends with him too, and he also knew that his little sister was save with him. Did you see how Jackson treats other persons in general? The first thing Jimin would do – after the shock – was talking with her about the guy. She was happier and who was he to ruin her the fun?

TWICE and GOT7 should date each other too

Poly relationship with YugBam? I think that relationship would be so cute and on the immature side as our two maknaes are so playful Fluffy interactions where they mess with other members and ends with others annoyed but mildly amused and fond of the situation? Please and thank you!

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An online posting from a GOT7 fan, who claimed to have attended the group’s signing event in Daegu this past October 12, spread to various online communities on October The content of the post detailed the conversation between her and JB , who allegedly told her inappropriate, sexual jokes during the signing event. JB himself replied to the posting, adding fuel to the fire. The fan wrote that when she had told JB, “Because I traveled from a distant area, I slept at a motel yesterday,” the idol had allegedly replied with a ribald joke that went, “Didn’t you hear something good?

It’s because I’m a healthy young man in his 20’s. She explained, “I had moved onto Mark to get his signature when JB joked at me again with ‘Didn’t you hear the sound of flesh? The idol was on the receiving end of much lambasting after this whole episode spread, with people rebuking him with criticisms the likes of, “I didn’t see JB in that light. I’m disappointed,” and, “His jokes were too much. GOT7 catch fireflies in ‘Miracle’ teaser images for ‘Present: Some countered that the seating arrangement that the fan had mentioned JB to Mark was incorrect and that JB’s “it’s something I just said” was in reference to his previous comment, not the fan’s second posting.

In the end, the idol had received criticism for reasons he wasn’t even aware of. When fans learned of the truth behind the fan’s claims, many of them were relieved. They wrote, “It’s good that the truth was exposed,” “I don’t understand the people that write stuff like this,” “I didn’t believe it from the start,” and, “JB is not that kind of person.

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Composed by Zico and Park Kyung, this one’s definitely different from the group’s signature upbeat, hip-hop songs. It had me hooked from the very first listen, and it also had me impressed at Block B’s capability to perfect a slower tempo, sentimental piece. I can literally listen to this every day! Setting all chart rankings, public response, popularity, and whatever else aside, ASTRO’s debut song makes me so happy every time I listen to it, and is still my favorite release of

kpop kpopper got7 lim jaebum im jaebum jaebum got7 jb jb got7 jaebum got7 got7 jaebum park jinyoung got7 jinyoung got7 bamam got7 smut kpop poc kpop ambw jackson got7 jackson wang choi youngjae got7 im sorry but if you ship liskook you need to be exterminated. y’all delulu ass hoes always ruining something with dating theories and.

Originally posted by imbanny You and your friend JB had made plans to meet at the studio to listen to a new song that Got7 was working on. You being his best friend, he really wanted your opinion on it. He got into his car and drove to the studio. When he got out the car he immediately spotted his ex-girlfriend with some guy. He tried his very best to avoid them putting on his hat and pulling his hoodie over it to cover his face. He speed walked to the entrance when as he was grabbing the door to the safe haven, he caught her attention.

He slowly turned around and just grinned half halfheartedly. JB honestly did not care that she had a new boyfriend, but the childish girl insisted on making him jealous. When all the girl could do is laugh at him it rose his temper even higher. His blood was boiling, not because he was jealous, but at their extreme rudeness. When the man finally pushed JB, he almost burst, but you were slowly approaching the corner as you saw your friend get pushed. You knew he was about to get physical with the other man so you quickly diverted their attention to you.

You already knew who she was and how she treated JB from his long talks with you when he would stay at your house sometimes when she kicked him out. That answered your question.

2018 FIFA World Cup

I sincerely hope you precious baby stars enjoy this reaction! I love each and every one of you and hope that you are happy for as long as you live! All the boys would be on the After School Club and while chatting with the fans that were luck enough to talk to them over Skype, a fan would have asked Jaebum if you and him were dating and that she totally shipped you two together.

After the show, Jaebum would be smiling from ear-to-ear and blushing fiercely because of the possible reality of the two of you dating. Originally posted by leader-jb Yugyeom:

No matter how long you’ve been dating for, he’ll always get like this, unless he’s in THAT mood then it’s another scenario where he’d lick his lips* JB – *He’d constantly wink at you, whether you take it in a sexual way or not, he’d feel teased that you are around him with one piece of item that covered a .

Got7 Short Stories 5 The Markson Office At the office, Mark was having a hard time clearing up the work you left behind for the weekend. He never really got to do that since you were always working there. He wanted to find clues as to what you might like and how to impress you since you were also his boss. The more Jackson observed, the more he felt an instant connection to you.

He wanted to break the invisible barrier of superiority you had over him because of the office hierarchy, in order to get closer to you. Taking out his phone he decided to make the most of his weekend and see where it would get him. I know a place nearby. Im wondering how she got home without it… maybe we should get going before its too late. Let me give her a call. Just then, when Mark was about to say he would pick you up and give you a lift home, he heard another male voice in the background.

Quickly he packed his stuff and headed down to wait for you. Little did he know what he was going to see in just a short while. I can send you there and wait for you.

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We can see why:

[GOT7 NEWS] Fans Believe Jaebum Is Dating/Has a Girlfriend. About 4+ of His Fansites Just Closed.