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Contact The wedding rings in these photos belong to my husband and I. The photo on the left shows the rings on our wedding day before they had ever been worn and on the right you will see what they looked after just one year. As a jeweler I was well aware that our rings would not keep their satin finish for long. I choose sterling silver because I love the way that it wears.

Many couples are interested in sterling wedding bands, it is my job to help my clients choose the ring that is right for them so I am always upfront about the nature of this metal and its pros and cons.

The wedding ring sets we offer are inexpensive and made of quality precious metals like genuine sterling silver. Saving money on these pieces is a great idea because then you will have more money to start your life together.

View All Wedding Bands If your big dream wedding has cost you and your sweetie an arm and a leg. Do not stress over it, buy one of our silver or tungsten bands and you will be getting a great and affordable pieces that will last your entire marriage. We have wedding band for men and women including unique bands in various styles that will reflect your personality and your momentous celebration.

For many people, sterling silver bands have become more popular because of their inexpensive cost and durability. Couples are opting to spend less and get equally beautiful pieces just as durable as any other precious metal. The money that can be saved gives couples a peace of mind in case they need some extra cash for something else like a last minute wedding disaster. A plain silver band set is something that couples will wear every day. Our sterling silver pieces are durable and have the ability to withstand every day wear and tear.

If you need something ultra-hard because you work with your hands or are constantly outdoors, our stainless steel or Tungsten rings are another great option for couples looking to have some affordable and traditional rings. Tungsten carbide is even harder than steel and virtually unscratchable. Whichever way you have your wedding, make sure it is filled with things that are precious to you, like messages of love carved on your engravable wedding bands.

All of our sterling silver and stainless steel bands are able to be engraved so you can mark your union with a date, your partners name or something else special.

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All Rights Reserved Dreamland Jewelry is the web’s largest vendor of silver jewelry. We carry a huge selection of sterling silver chains for women and men, including silver box chain, snake, rope, bead, curb, figaro, marina and more. Our entire selection of sterling chains are imported from Italy which means they are the highest quality in the world. All of our wholesale sterling silver necklaces are made of pure and are polished to an incredibly luminous shine.

Handcrafted sustainable wooden wedding, engagement and commitment rings. Made from salvaged wood and materials in Chicago, IL.

Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. Click here for additional information. The Vampress Engagement Ring 1 of 25 Now here’s a ring you can sink your teeth into! With your choice of gold colors and a half-carat stone, this ring might just be the perfect symbol of eternal devotion for a vampire lover. With your choice of metals and tire styles, these rings symbolize your joint quest for adventure.

These rings boast lightweight, scratch-resistant, and allergen-free properties. Wood wedding rings 4 of 25 A departure from traditional metals, these wood wedding rings offer the beauty of nature for outdoorsy spirits. No doubt this is a ring is for the man who loves his tools. Then you might just love these completely handcrafted rings because no two rings are alike. Rockabilly Claddagh Wedding Set 9 of 25 Classic Claddagh meets rockabilly edge in this diamond and sterling silver wedding ring set.

The woman’s band also includes a 3mm semi-precious stone. Shutterstock Titanium wedding band set 14 of 25 These handmade rings with a polished titanium anodized cobalt blue interior and a matte gray finished titanium exterior define modern.

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Our unique sterling silver rings are available in a variety of styles that are suitable for men and women. Made from real silver, the rings are non-reactive and are great for those with sensitivities to certain metals. Sterling silver is a great choice for jewelry because it won’t tarnish and is easy to care for. Best of all, it’s affordable, making it perfect for couples on a budget.

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Silver is a soft metal that is easily scratched or tarnished. As individuals we all have very different skin types which don’t react in the same way to substances that it comes into contact with. The acids will vary in your skin which can affect the speed at which the silver will tarnish when it comes into contact with you. What you eat, drink or smoke, and perfumes, soaps, hairspray, cosmetics you use can affect your skins acidity levels. For this reason the way a silver ring ages depends a lot on the wearer.

The black that can be seen is the sterling silver oxidising. If you have worn silver before without it tarnishing, it could be that it is imported silver which is different to UK silver or it is possible that the jewellery may have been plated or coated with something to prevent tarnishing. As a standard, we do not coat our silver, however in order to prevent this natural process from occurring, we can rhodium plate your rings free of charge which would protect it from the elements.

Rhodium plating is used as a standard on all white gold to give it it’s silvery white finish, as naturally white gold is in fact quite dull and yellowy. Rhodium is also hypoallergenic.

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Gold, Silver and Platinum Either you are buying it as a gift or for yourself, there are many reasons why titanium jewelry can be a better choice than jewelry made in traditional precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Firstly, titanium is highly corrosion resistant and therefore does not tarnish easily. Especially for high-polish finished jewelry like gold and silver wedding band rings, it is expected that the jewelry will lose its color and shine over time.

Even if they are stored properly in jewelry boxes or safe, the oxygen in the air reacts with the metals and turns the color. This process is of course accelerated if the jewelry is worn daily because the sweat combined with body temperature, acts as catalysts to the chemical process. Also, titanium is hypoallergenic, which means that very few people have skin that is sensitive to it.

Oct 23,  · The “silver” is not actually silver (which would tarnish not only the ring but your finger) but is most likely gold. It’s simply “white gold” as opposed to “yellow gold”. I have a white gold : Resolved.

Each ring passes though an average of 30 pairs of highly skilled hands during the crafting process, ensuring every piece is truly unique. Stack slender bands to create your signature look, or wear your chosen design on its own for a simple statement. Statement ring styles are adorned with striking crystals, faceted to showcase their beauty, or a multitude of glittering stone cuts and settings. And timeless motifs such as bows and flowers decorate lustrous gold rings that work beautifully for day or night.

Finished by hand to exacting standards from ethically sourced sterling silver, beautiful and feminine designs are adorned with intricate details such as cut-out hearts and milgrain beading. Crafted from precious metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold, our versatile range of statement jewelry for women is perfect for dressing up everyday outfits or lending luxe appeal to evening looks.

Create colorful combinations with birthstone rings, or wear a single ring punctuated with glittering clear cubic zirconia stones or shimmering pearls for a more refined look. And are detailed with cut-out hearts and milgrain beading. From stunning statement rings to stackable band styles and simple, feminine designs for day and night, create your signature look with our versatile range of rings. The hand-finished ring designs feature a variety of classic and modern stone settings and unique embellishments.

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Explore the wide world of jewelry metals — from traditional to ultra-modern. Should you opt for a ring made of precious metals—gold, silver or platinum—or an alternative, more contemporary metal? To help you choose the best metal for an engagement ring, consider your options. In the past couple of decades, platinum has reappeared as a top choice for engagement rings and other jewelry.

14k Rose Gold African Blackwood Inlay Wedding Ring Exotic wood inlay Gold ring, handmade African Blackwood and Amboyna Gold rings. A very Unique American made wedding band wooden inlay Gold rings.

Tarnish is the discoloration caused from the oxidation that occurs when some metals are exposed to air. Fortunately, tarnish does not harm your rings and can be cleaned in just minutes. If you own antique or fragile rings or any with loose settings, talk to a jewelry specialist before cleaning so you do not damage the ring in any way. Silver Rings To clean a tarnished silver ring, first add a few drops of mild dish soap to a small bowl of warm water.

Then dip a soft cloth in it and rub it onto your ring. Do not use abrasive cloths or paper towels as they could scratch the silver surface of your ring. Then, rinse the ring in cold water and dry with another soft clean cloth. This process will clean any dirt and grime off your silver ring.

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Sort by Silver Rings Silver Rings have been popular since ancient times. The Sterling Silver Rings can be set with all kinds of diamonds and gemstones. We have a very large collection of Silver Gemstone Rings, where you can find very affordable and cheap gemstone silver rings made with gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot and more.

Our Sterling Silver Wedding sets are available in many different designs and settings. If you are looking for sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver rings for women and men, you can find one of the best collection and design settings with gemstones and diamonds on JewelOcean.

Shop Rings for Men at Helzberg Diamonds. Men’s rings are in style, and Helzberg Diamonds has you gold, silver, and black wedding rings for that special day, or fashionable rings for every other day, find your new favorite accessory here.

Patrick Mavros Patrick Mavros has not only created some of the most extraordinary silver sculptures in Africa, he has created around them an environment just as extraordinary, in which he lives and works. The workshops, the family homestead, the wildlife sanctuary, the offices and reception, together with his wonderful sales studio, are all built so as to form a small village on his estate in the wild hills outside Harare in Zimbabwe.

International retail stores are located in Mauritius and England. Crystal Passion trades in jewelry, polished and tumbled stones. All stones have been mined in Zimbabwe. We are situated in Harare where all our products are being manufactured. The stones are best quality. Honey Jewellery Zimbabwe branch Since Honey Fashion Accessories have made women feel great, not only about themselves but also about friends, family and their community. Honey is a dynamic, innovative and exciting direct-to-customer company that trades in luxurious, high-quality, affordable fashion accessories.

The Honey range of products includes jewellery — rings and things — , watches and bags. Head Office is located in South Africa. Element Jewellery Zimbabwe branch UK supplier of fine contemporary jewellery, silver jewellery and wedding jewellery. Categories include silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

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Picking your ring metal is important, influencing looks, price, maintenance and care. Couples may choose to buy matching or contrasting rings. Below are some quick pointers. For more information visit our Men’s Wedding Ring Guide.

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December 14, 9: Sterling Silver vs White Gold: Which is the Better Option? Gold varies significantly in its purity. The rest of the piece is made of a mixture of other metals. These reinforce the gold, making it sturdy and durable enough to be worked with. The choice of metal has a strong influence over the color of the final product.

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