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Appendix:Glossary of military slang

Origins[ edit ] It follows then as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious. The rationale for establishing a national navy was debated in the Second Continental Congress. Supporters argued that a navy would protect shipping, defend the coast, and make it easier to seek out support from foreign countries.

Detractors countered that challenging the British Royal Navy , then the world’s preeminent naval power, was a foolish undertaking. Commander in Chief George Washington resolved the debate when he commissioned the ocean-going schooner USS Hannah to interdict British merchant ships, and reported the captures to the Congress.

NAVY commissioned officer dating enlisted to PPME at United States Military Academy. British Army Officers D unit histories. Coast Guard cutter to bear the name in a proud line dating back to. USCGC Eagle is the seventh U. Sold Items This page is reserved for past sold items.

Posted by VetCollector Patch collecting is one of the most affordable aspects of militaria collecting and can be a highly rewarding venture to delve into the history and variations that are available. I am, by no means a serious collector of patches opting instead to be selective about the embroidered and colorful pieces of uniform history. While the overwhelming majority of militaria collectors who have interests in patch collecting are primarily focused on United States Army unit and rank insignia, a smaller portion of us enjoy the eclectic realm of U.

Navy enlisted rank insignia and the very colorful and meaningful progression of their designs through the ages. That historical progression along with all of its nuances is enough to fill a book see U. In the modern US Navy, rating badges are consistent in appearance and wear. From the design elements eagle, specialty mark and chevrons to the materials they are constructed from, they are all consistent. While this concept places emphasis on the uniformity of appearance and the unit-mindset that all crew members work together as a single entity , it does restrict the ability for sailors to express and exhibit a measure of individuality and personal pride in their uniform appearance.


Friday 21 July One of the candidates is seeking to become a special warfare combatant crewman, while the second is seeking to become an officer with the SEALs. Neither of the candidates has been identified, as is usually the case with members of the special forces. Both candidates face a notoriously rigorous training and selection process. Com, which was the first news site to report the development, said the women will have to make it through one of the toughest selection processes of any military.

Jodie Kidd joins Special Forces in paddle up the Thames Anywhere between 73 to 75 per cent of SEAL candidates fail to make the cut, while the special boat operator attrition rate stands at 63 per cent.

Navy Enlisted Rank 79 Products Filter By (0) Filter By. Clear All Filters; Metal Rank. Coat ; Collar ; Singles ; Finish. Mirror Finish ; Subdued Finish ; Navy Collar Device: E8 Chief Petty Officer: Senior – clutch back SKU: $ Navy Collar Device: E8 Chief Petty Officer: Senior – pin back SKU: $

Douglas was stationed at his gun placement on an upper deck of the anchored Spartan, preparing to bombard German ramparts along the beachhead Image: The Luftwaffe had just launched an anti-shipping glide bomb attack on the fleet, with radio-controlled missiles and the ship was sinking fast. But when the order was made to abandon ship, there was one problem for year-old Ron Now 93, Ron was one of the lucky ones and is believed to be one of the last known survivors of HMS Spartan.

Five officers and 41 enlisted men were posted killed or missing presumed killed, and 42 enlisted men were wounded after the bombing on January 29, , during World War II. Read More The Spartan received a direct hit to its boiler room from a radio-controlled Henschel Hs monoplane bomb, travelling at about metres a second Image: Fresh from a naval training base in Portsmouth in late , Douglas had never seen live action before.

Sitting in his room, legs crossed with a cup of tea in his hand, he recalls the day in when his conscription papers arrived at his home in Glasgow, Scotland. I was scared as hell. Read More First picture of British tourist killed in ‘deliberate hit-and-run’ in Cyprus after ‘defending woman in bar’ Fresh from a naval training base in Portsmouth in late , Douglas had never seen live action before.

Drew Tapley Cup victory group photo of Ron and his teammates from Navy soccer league taken in In the photo, Ron is far left, back row Image:

Can a reserve officer and a reserve enlisted date?

Legal Question in Military Law in Arizona Yet another officer enlisted marriage question What could happen if an Army officer and enlisted decide they want to marry? If there has been a prior relationship that was found out and an investigation held, could they be charged again if they decided to marry? If they were not found to be fraternizing before the fact, what would happen after they got married? And does the military require its members to register if they marry or can that be maintained as confidential personal information?

Cmdr. J. Grady Hill Commanding Officer, USS Key West. A native of Austin, Texas, Commander Hill enlisted in the Navy in and was selected for the Nuclear Enlisted .

Can Marine officers become enlisted? That’s a great question! I have never seen it done. I don’t think the Corps brass would look on that very kindly after being commissioned. Still, now I’m curious as to whether th…at was ever done. I’m going to have to do some research! I had one Marine in Vietnam who turned down Sgt. He didn’t want the responsibility. He was trash after that.

Now, can you imagine trying to go from officer to enlisted? My feeling now is that it just wouldn’t happen. Still, I’m going to look into it anyway. Still, now I’m curious as to whether that was ever done. MORE Does an enlisted who becomes an officer still wear his service stripes?

Article 134 UCMJ – Fraternization

By Rod Powers Updated January 25, The Navy ‘s Boatswain’s Mate rating which is what the Navy calls its jobs is one of the two oldest in this branch of the military, dating back to This rating, which has Navy Occupational Specialty code number B allows new recruits to enlist without a specific career path identified. It’s often used by some enlisted personnel who haven’t decided which career to pursue think of it as a college freshman whose major is still “undecided” , and by others who want a certain rating that may not be available at the time they enlist.

MYSTERIES/UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY. NAGATO’s Last Year: July – July By A.P. “Tony” Tully @ July Panoramic view of the TF 38 air attack on NAGATO and Yokosuka, 18 July

Geoff Ziezulewicz October 4 Four submariners are accused of having group sex with a child in the barracks of a Washington State base last year, according to Navy officials and charge sheets. Two are assigned to the blue crew of the submarine Nebraska, shown here this summer. Navy photo A submarine officer is accused of stalking a woman in Washington, D. Both the name of the officer and the woman he allegedly stalked are redacted from the paperwork provided to Navy Times.

An Article 32 hearing to weigh the evidence against him and decide whether his case should go to a court-martial trial was scheduled for last week but was cancelled. It still will take place but no date has been set for the proceedings, according to Lt. The alleged incident took place last fall at a base in Washington State. Geoff Ziezulewicz The alleged stalking took place in and around Washington, D.

The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me

Navy photo by Mass Communication Spec. Worried that Branch was on the verge of being indicted, Navy leaders suspended his access to classified materials. They did the same to one of his deputies, Rear Adm. More than days later, neither Branch nor Loveless has been charged.

Fraternization is often considered in the context of romantic relationships across the officer-enlisted divide, but the policy includes much more than that. Fraternization can apply to close friendships, business relationships, or even certain financial exchanges between Service Members of different ranks, regardless of gender.

Prohibits unduly familiar relationships between officer and enlisted personnel that do not respect the differences in grade or rank nearly identical language as U. Relationships covered by this Instruction include unduly familiar relationships between officers and enlisted as well as among officers and enlisted whenever the relationship does not respect the differences in grade or rank.

Two different tests are applied, depending on rank of those involved: Relationship between officer and enlisted: If the relationship is found to be unduly familiar then it is fraternization. Such a relationship is presumed to be prejudicial to good order and discipline. This also applies to relationships between Chief Petty Officers and junior enlisted E1-E6 within the same command and some specific positional relationships, e.

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Lawyer Stephen Karns Top Attorney Military Law Fraternization Each branch of the military prohibits personal and business relationships between officers and enlisted members. Personal relationships are defined as those which include dating, cohabitation, and any form sexual relationship. Business relationships are defined as those which include loaning and borrowing money and other business partnerships.

Dating, shared living accommodations, intimate or sexual relations, commercial solicitations, private business partnerships, gambling and borrowing money between officers and enlisted members, regardless of Service, are unduly familiar and are se, such conduct between officer members and between enlisted members of different rank or grade would be unduly familiar and.

Navy photo by PO2 Jonathan A. Navy,” said Vice Adm. Over the last century, women have served aboard auxiliary ships beginning in and on combatant ships beginning in In , the Department of Defense opened all military occupations and positions to women. Female Sailors and civilians play an integral role in the success of the Navy as part of the One Navy Team.

Women serve in every rank from seamen to admiral and hold nearly every job from naval aviator to deep-sea diver.

Fleet Week

Member of the Military Writers Guild. Typically, these sailors have been in the Navy for at least twelve years, although some hard-charging sailors can reach this rank in as little as nine or ten years. While commissioned officers are in charge of the department, ship or shore station, and are ultimately accountable for the performance of the entire unit, the Navy Chief is in charge of getting the work done through the junior enlisted sailors.

Although newly commissioned officers have a newly received college degree, they are unfamiliar with the workings of a Naval ship or submarine, as well as the tasks of the department or crew their assigned to. Although the pay grades of E-7 through E-9 are equivalent to those of other services, the Navy is unique in that it confers much more authority and responsibility on the Chief, while demanding more performance and results than any of the other services.

Advancement into the CPO grades is the most significant promotion within the enlisted Naval ranks.

Nov 16,  · I just heard this yesterday from a Navy Chief of all people and it seems somewhat plausible yet not but I figure I’d confirm it. He mentioned that if you notice, all enlisted EGA’s have Cuba on them while Officer ones do not.

Military Academy and the Midshipmen of the U. Naval Academy will play their th football game against each other. Both West Point and the Naval Academy commission approximately 1, officers each year. About of Navy graduates commission into the Marine Corps, and the remaining join the other 6, ensigns in the active-duty Navy. About that many second lieutenants commission into the Army from the academy and ROTC each year, with around 4, of them serving on active duty.

The Army and Navy have several hundred thousand enlisted soldiers and sailors who never attended an academy.

Why I Chose to ENLIST with a COLLEGE DEGREE?